Sunday, October 12, 2014

Integrating master record(s) using GP Macro

Dynamics GP has an inbuilt integration feature which helpful for the users to integrate data from flat files in a precise way.

Before going to start integrating data\record(s), once should create a sample macro for the corresponding screen.

Below example guide to create a consolidated macro for cards screen(Item Master).

1) Record a macro by Tools > Macro > Record from the corresponding screen before entering the sample record.

2) Note the mandatory fields from the screen. Also based on the flat file columns, one can enter the data in the screen during recording process.

3) Once the records entered hit save the entry and go Tools > Macro > Stop Record to create a source macro.

4) Open the source macro, select all the lines and paste in a MS word. Under Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard as shown below.

5) Click Directory and Next starting document.

6) Check Use the current document and click Next select recipients.

7) Choose Use an existing list and hit browse to pick the excel file(containing bulk record(s)).

8) Pick the corresponding record sheet, preview the data in Mail Merge Recipients.

9) Insert the corresponding fields to the hard-coded values using Insert Merge Field.

10) Field aligned as shown below.

11) Once the field(s) inserted, click Next arrange your directory and Next preview your directory.

12) First data is appeared for our reference, if there is any mistake hit back and redo the process. If okay, click Next complete the merge to a new document.

13) Now Final macro is ready. Select all,copy the text and paste in a notepad and save the file in macro(*.mac) format.

14) Go to corresponding screen, go to Tools > Macro > Play to choose the created macro for integration.

Thus one can integrate the records using GP macro(s) without using any code in precise time.

Note: One can remain patient during the integration process else macro stops with partial integration.

To learn about integrating a bulk transaction using GP macro? Please stay tuned!!!

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Natarajan S

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