Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Table import in Dynamics GP

Table Import in Dynamics GP, a powerful feature to import records from the flat file based on the table structure. Please find the below steps to integrate the data.

1) Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Integrate > Table Import to Open the Table Import    Definition screen.

2) Define a name and description related to current import process.

3) Choose the file format, point the source file and choose the corresponding table.

4) Map the flat file field to the corresponding table field.

5) click Import to integrate the flat file records.

6) We can receive a status message after every integration.

1) Before importing a record from flat file, make sure the flat file columns exactly match the GP table columns and also your flat file must contains the data of required fields in respective GP screen going to import.

2) It is mostly preferred to import the master data and it is not recommend for transaction table(s) to face the transaction error(s).

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Natarajan S

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