Sunday, September 28, 2014

Things to be configured to proceed with Dexterity development

Developing customization's in GP has been done by few ways depends on the requirement but most probably every one has an eye on Dexterity development to start with.

To start with customization development in dexterity, please make sure the following things are adopted in the dexterity installation location so that the developers can easily navigate to test mode through development dictionary to test their development and changes.

Go to Dexterity installation folder, Backup the following files

1) Back the Dex.ini file to the new place or rename it to some name(eg: DexOld.ini).

Go to GP Installation folder and copy the following files

1) Dex.ini file from data folder in GP installation location

2) GPDWin32.dll from GP installation folder

Paste the GPDWin32.dll file to Dexterity installation folder and paste the Dex.ini(from GP installation folder) to data folder in Dexterity installation location.

Now you can launch the Dexterity, do some customization and test the customization by test mode.

Thus you can easily swap from development dictionary to GP front end through test mode and vise versa.

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Natarajan S

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