Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adding Custom Report to GP Home page Metics\Business Analyzer

It is easy to add a custom SSRS report to GP home page Metrics\Business Analyzer. Please find the below steps.

1) Create a custom SSRS report which has to be run with default parameter(s).

2) Launch report manager url where the standard GP SSRS reports are deployed.

3) Go to the corresponding company folder >> corresponding module folder and make sure Charts And KPIs folder is present.

4) Upload the custom SSRS rdl file.

5) Click Manage > Data Sources to point the data source. Point the corresponding company database

6) Click OK to save the changes and make sure the report is running in report manager.

7) Launch GP, open Customize your home page screen and click Metrics\Business Analyzer expansion button to open Metrics Detail screen.

8) Choose the custom report and click insert to save the changes

9) Now the report get added to the GP home page as shown below

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Natarajan S

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  1. I need some assistance please. I created a custom report and it is displaying on the right hand side of my navigation list but it is extremely small. How do I change the dimensions to fit perfectly in the business analyzer metric window?